I am still a teenager and self injuring is like an addiction I can’t get rid of. I have been doing this since I was 10 years old. I can’t seem to stop. It all happend when I acciedently injured myself,and I realized it helped. Then I started injuring. I was so hurt that day. I have been doing it for 3 years now. This guy,that is like a big brother to me, I saw him one day and noticed my injuries with a surprised, but sad look on his face. He said ” What have you been doing to yourself?” ” Why have you do this to yourself, I won’t let you continue doing this to yourself!” When he said that I broke down into tears and said ” I  stop, its like a habit I can’t get rid of.” He walked over to me and wraped me in his arms. I could tell he was crying cause of what he saw. He never let me out of sight,and he took away anything sharp I had for the while he was in Missouri. After he went back to the state he lives in, I went back to what I did before.

I still do it to this day. After my dad commited suicide I got so depressed,and it seemed like the world was out to make my life worse and more depressing. I haven’t seen him for awhile. He doesn’t know I still self injur myself. I don’t really know how to stop. I’m scared I will end up like my dad and grandfather,they both commited suicide. It has gotten to bad. I am a depressed young girl,and being bipolar doesn’t help me with my issues.

I wish I had the guy thats like a big brother hear to help me,but then I would have to tell the truth in stead of lying to him like I keep doing. I know if I tell him the truth it will hurt him,but lying to him hurts him to in away. All I know is I can’t kick this addiction that well,and I can’t trust any of my friends except two. I don’t know what to do. All I want is my big brother to help me because I know how hard his sorrow,support,and help can have an effect on me. I am alone. I  have no one to turn to so I though this website could do something for me.