Ok, before I start, Im just gonna say, this is all me ranting about a guy. If you dont want to read, just skip this. Im just getting out some issues at the moment. Thanks!

So, theres this guy I like. I talked about him in a post of mine im pretty sure. Hes my ex, but I still really like him. Im sure of that, but I cant stand it! I dont want to like him, its been a good two months since we broke up, and i want to be over him. But theres a part of me that still really likes him and hopes that maybe well get back together… Probably not, but i have to wish.

On the first day of school, I saw him a few times and we smiled at each other, in a ‘Hey, great to see you!’ kind of way if that makes sense. Then at lunch, he came and hung out with me and all my group of friends like last year. I didn’t know if he was going to, because he pretty much only did that when we were together. So, when I saw him, he grinned and walked over to hug me. He lifted me up and spun me around a few times before setting me back down and hugging me really tightly. It made my day, of course. So the rest of the day was like that. It was as if we were just good friends again, and it was nice. Hanging out, talking joking around…

Then today, I was sad to find he was only in one of my classes. We walked in together by coincidence, and he sat down. I looked around, not sure where to sit, so I just choose a seat next to his. He didn’t say anything, no greeting or smile. He kind of waved i think, but pretty much was silent to me, which i returned. He knows that im shy and dont talk much to others unless im talked to first, so yea. Then at lunch, he wasn’t there. Im not sure where he was, and other than that one class, he didn’t really take notice of me at all, completely opposite from the other day. Now im just confused and angry. Tomorrow should be interesting… i really hope he dosent ignore me again. Well, thats the end of my venting.