Well I’ve been having alot of break downs alot here lately. I’m still on the edge of injuring.  And I don’t want to do that! It seems like everything I’ve worked hard on for so long is just falling apart right before my face. I hate my life I still go to school with a fake smile…. everyone thinks I’m happy but I’m not. What is wrong with me!!!? I do stuff I don’t want to do. It seems like if you don’t want to do that you won’t but I don’t know why I do. I feel like a failure! Oh and my classes this year are wonderful…. Not! I have to express my feelings how in the world will I do that if I don’t know how to!!!! I want to get away from here it’s just so stressful and it seems like the whole world is against me! I just need some serious help! Please someone! I don’t want to go back to SI’ing