I injured myself last night. Again… I need to stop, but for some reason I can’t. It pains my twin sister, who I’m VERY close to, and I don’t like seeing her sad…but I just don’t know what else to do!! And this morning my mother COMPLETELY lost it on me…she got angry and slapped me across the face two times. She was screaming her head off at me, literally right into my ear. Stuff like this goes on a lot, but it was worse this time, somehow. Probably because I’m still a little deaf in my left ear. It’s really difficult living with my mum and dad…they fight alllll the time, and almost all of their conversations end up in screams and cursing each other out. My sister and I, are sick of it. I need to stop injuring myself…please someone help me. I feel so alone…I only have my sister. I’m totally lost and confused….help if you can, please. -Roseanne