I was really upset last night so I injured myself… I don’t let myself do it too much, I don’t wanna deal with people asking about it. I don’t want people to know i do this…I just want to be able to stop and I don’t know how. Everything lately seems to be setting me off. But I did have a conversation with “Travis” last night. ( i mentioned “Travis” in my last blog.) I asked him to come hang out with me and some of my friends on Friday…it really made me feel good that he sounded enthused to come too. I hope it works out because maybe it will lift one stress off my life. I’m honestly trying to get better…. I just want to be normal again. And I’m not one of those girls who SI for attention, because I know some girls who did and flaunted it, it makes me so mad that people would actually do that! Especially when there are people who need help and now they’re push aside because people believe they do it for attention, it takes alot of strength for those people to admit it and then they are cast aside…that is why I can’t tell anyone.

I hope it gets better soon though.