okay, so tuesday i went and saw my therapist for the first time. it went really well. i have another appointment for next tuesday. 🙂

now im at home and my friend asked if i could spend the night friday. i asked my mom and she said maybe. then she said i needed to clean out my DADS lunch box. i told her that isnt my job. he can clean it out himself. well she got mad at me and said i cant spend the night. so now im angry and dont want to be anywhere near my parents. i want to injure. :/

i want to be a legal adult then i can get a job, move out, and get away from my fricken parents.

now im fricken depressed and want to injure. i probally will sometime tonight. :/


im a dissappointment to everyone. idk.


*shattering on the inside.*

cant anyone hear my cries for help?!

<3 katey.