i just found out that my best friend’s friend, the one with cancer, passed away today in the hospital. i’m pretty sure she was there. my other friend is calling her. i called my boyfriend to tell him but he didn’t pick up so i left a message.
i really don’t know what to do. my friend loved that boy like a brother. and she’s going to have to support his two little sisters, one of which is only 5. these girls are young and fragile. so is my friend.

this really isn’t fair. he was only 14. and his family was praying for his survival. he was so important to so many people, and he just left, just like that.
i hope it was painless.

and my best friend won’t accept the fact he’s gone. it’s too much of an impact.  but when it finally hits her, i know it will be so painful. how are we going to help her? what can i possibly do to make this better?