Hi everyone. I’m extremely new to this site so i’m not really sure if i’m doing this right. My name is Alex and i learned about this website from my most recent Seventeen magazine. I began to si over a year ago. I was able to recover for about 6 months on my own but picked it up again after a big trauma happened in our town. It wasn’t too bad until February when my two best friends left me. We’d been friends for over three years but they got serious boyfriends and i was left out. Things went downhill and eventually i was told that i had completely changed and they were done with me. I was lucky enough to have two other friends who came to my rescue at that point, otherwise idk if i’d be here.

Thats when it got bad. I would si almost everyday. At that point the self injury got worse. Sometimes i feel like i’ve lost the desire to live. Since then i haven’t really been able to stop.  I love my two new best friends more than anything but i’m still hurt from losing my previous ones. Every time i think of them i si. Somehow it makes me feel so much better, am i completely sick for feeling this way?