this poem is for everyone. pplleeaassee read. it may help. i wrote this a long time ago. but its helping me now. so please read.


 Why haven’t you smiled

In such a long while?

You’re not yourself

My friends would say

To me almost everyday

They try to make me laugh

Like I use to all the time

But for some reason I can’t

I feel as if I’m committing a crime

They don’t like it

But neither do I

I tried to be

More like me

But I felt I was living a lie

Life can be rough


It can be tough

Trust me I know

I can relate

Don’t doubt your fate

You need all the hope

And love in the world

And you can find

That right inside

The heart of your very own

Just believe

I know it’s hard

It seems as if you’ve tried everything

That all your hope is gone

No one loves

And no one cares

Just love yourself

Care about yourself

Believe in yourself

The words my friends say to me

Hurt me like a hundred



I don’t want to hear those words

So I will care

I will love

I will believe

In all of me

And so should you

Whoever you may be

If you need help

In expressing yourself

Please write poetry

It’s helpful and lovely

In everyway

I write a poem everyday

And so should you

You can do anything

If you just believe