poem about hiding the way i feel. and when it just becomes too much.

another day

another show

i put on my mask

ready to preform

for the rest of the world

curtain up

act one begins

im a smiling girl

laughing with friends

next scene starts

i ace a test

act two now

i’m working hard

i’ll win that race

each scene unfolds

the audience aplauds

they love me

the curtain falls

im exhausted

from the days work

i sit down

it begins to rain

my maks falls off

no one peeks

through the curtain

they are afraid

to look too closely

to ruin the magic

then i fall

spiraling downward

im afriad i cant get back up

the show must go on

but im too tired to move

thunder and lightening

my character

seems to melt away


only me