So… I have been having a hard time. I was sick for two days, really badly, and then i started injuring. Ive SId for a little over a year now and the reason i SId recently was because

1) i felt really fat(also have an eating disorder) and 2) i found out my appointment this week with my therapist was cancelled. She got sick and i got sick on the same day apparently…

I want to tell my friends more about my problems, but i am scared that they will tell other people and when school starts, everyone will know and no one will want to be near me. I am starting a new counselling program through school as well and i keep having nightmares about it and the new school.

And on top of that, (thats not the half of it) i have writers block, and the best thing i do to calm me down is write poetry. I can not stand not being productive…. And havent been able to write a poem for 2 months now, i think at least something should come out of my misery.

Anyone know what i should do?