Im here to vent, its something I really need to do more often instead of bottling everything up. (< got that from my dad) I resorted to SI because i was going through alot of stress (I wasnt doing to well in school an my parents expect B’s an higher) an pain that i couldnt control. (all of my muscles are constantly aching for no aparent reason)  I have an abnormal hatred/fear of doctors an medicine. (< I also inharrited from my dad)  Anyways, I wanted to be in control. I felt like everyone but me had a say in how my life would be. But again I wasnt the one in control, my selfharm was. I was forced to stop after my mom found out an began checking me every few days. But she didnt once think that i needed help, she thought i needed disiplin, which made things much worse for me. When she stopped checking I stayed harm-free for 54days, then slipped. So im guessing when school starts again things will just pick up where they left off, an im not sure how to break the habbit.