You have too choices in life when dealing with this.You can choose to make bad choices or good ones.You can complain and whine that lifes unfair or You can inflict pain and cry all day in a dark room.Or you can tell yourself that the happiness im searching for I’ll never find,if I keep believing I’ll find it from a relationship,friend or family.If you give people the power to create that happiness and content feeling;they have just as much power too take it away.self harm is my battle;its a choice you make when [dealing] just isnt an option.Even when your day sucks or people that you thought were true arent there anymore,it’s about waking up and  starting your day.Telling yourself that things will get better,because [A] your alive and healthy when there are people around the world going through worse things.[B] you have to love yourself and believe in yourself to know that you are the happiness in the world you want to become.It doesnt mean that things wont be hard,that bad days wont seem to last forever;but it’s always knowing that someone out there knows exactly what your saying.Because someone in the world does care who you are and what you have too say.

 im the girl who felt;whats the point of getting up,or seeing beauty in something tha seems so unfixable.The one who feels that by injuring that maybe she wont feel so ashamed and isolated.Everyday is another battle mind vs. body.But its a battle that can be won in positive way 🙂 i promise.

 IF you dont like something dont sit around and complain.Only you can change the way you live your life.No one or nothing can do it for you.