I went through a lot of stuff when I was young. It’s truly no wonder that I had problems with SI. I never truly had a father, I was molested as a child, and had scoliosis. That’s a curvature in the spine for those who didn’t know. I spent my childhood years being brave for my family, who was falling apart around me. I got older and chose a year out of my life to fall apart. That year I put on the act that I was okay with only noticable mood swings that might counteract my statement. My family must have been blind. I started wearing lond-sleeved shirts at all times. No shorts. I covered up the injuries.  It ended up that everything I did revolved around hiding my secret. It became just one more thing to be upset over. I got help after that and my family supported me. After months of counseling I am proud to say I have been SI free for over 6 months. I now believe in every cell of my body that God is real and he saved me. If he was able to heal me he can heal you, too. Never give up hope. There’s always something better than injuring.