hey everyone. i haven’t posted in a while.

its okay if you don’t read this. I’m just kinda writing about things this upcoming school year.

first there is orientation for school. that is totally gonna suck cause its on a Friday, and both my parents work, so i have no clue how I’m gonna get there. and then there is comparing schedules with friends and trying to figure out if we have the same lunch.

then there is the first day of school. the first day is always a pain cause you are trying to figure out where to go, what way will take less time, trying not to get lost, trying to move around all the new sophomores [my high school is grades 10, 11, 12], then there is finding friends at lunch and finding some place to sit, and there is always the worry of being late to a class on the first day of sch0ol)]

then after school has started the first few weeks are easy, then you get the hard work, and homecoming dance, and worrying about what dances my friends are going to force me to go to.

then there are quarter and semester grades. and all that stuff.

and, of course, there is always the worry that someone will notice my injuries and ask questions. :/

oh, and there is the problem of my other form of injuring. “will someone find out?”   

sorry. I’m just wasting space.

<3 katey  :-,