I don’t smile anymore.
I thought I was beginning to be okay.
You know, I was starting to let go of the past.
I was getting ready to moving on.
And for some reason,
out of no where,
I was hit by a rock of sadness,
a bolder full of hate
and rainstorm full of depression.
Old habits began to resurface,
emotional scars began unstinting,
and confusion came out of them;
on to impure skin, of an unsure girl.
I started to question myself,
and I started get angry with myself.
Angry for not being okay,
angry for not being strong enough,
to fight the sadness,
which followed me, wherever I seemed to go.
So I’ll do this,
until I began to accept the hurt,
kill it the way it’s been killing me,
and leave it behind me.
I don’t want to be controlled,
by a peace of metal.