I’ve been an injurer since i was 12 years old and i am at age 19 right now. I’ve never joined a blog, never really discussed it with anyone other than the therapist i use to go to. My family knows but we aren’t the kind of people to go into detail about things, we ignore as much as possible. I stopped for 2 years but started up again december 2008 when i moved into my boyfriends house. I wanna find a solution other than medication, other than being put into a hospital and other than talking to someone who doesn’t understand how i feel at all. Its now as easy as it may seem to stop injuring to some people.

I just wanna hear that someone understands my story, that i’m not crazy for feeling this way and that threes people out there who are going through the same emotions. This is the age in my life where i should be enjoying my adolescence. Going out like i use to. I’m 19 but i have the stress of a 30 something.

There’s only so long i can hold things in and i don’t wanna do something that will lead to bad.