Ok So i’m new on here and not really sure how it works or even if this will help but i am willing to give it a try. I’m 26 turning 27 tomorrow july 27th… Lifes going good and yet i still have the urge to injure at times. i dont understand that you would thik i would be able to atleast understand my own problem. I’m currently going to school to be a LPN. Like i said lifes not bad at all really. well atleast not compared to what my life used to be

right now i just have stress not alot just working and a going to school and recently moved in with my girlfriend… thast the best choice i have ever made doesnt mean that i am not never or scared at times… IDK… she is the best thing thast ever happened to me and i love her so much she try s to understand what i am thinking and feeling when i want to injure but reallly i dont know how to explain it to her. I really am loving that ppart of my life but there are things in my past that i just cant seem to forget … and when i think of them i really want to SI then…

i havent injured recently… but at times… i really want to. i get stressed with school and work and i think that tends to make me want to also but i can hadle that i think it bad when i think aout the past and i think way too much. has anyone else notcied that when you dont SI one way and when you stressed you will injure without thinking?? or am i just crazy with that i tend to do that when i am really stressed. idk..

lifes getting beter but i think at times my minds not gonna let me get better with my life… and the more i write on here he more i think i really am crazy.  i guess i used this to vent i used to write and now i havent been but i think i just let out most of my thoughts in this blog…  i also think  am just worried that things are going great and everything going to get messed up as usual. well thats all for tonight.  guess i’m learning ….