ok so i’ve never done this before i always wanted to though maybe it will help idk. so i guess i will start with the fact that i want to stop SI. i’ve been doing it for too long now and want to get my life back in the direction i want it to go. but the problem is that i have tried to stop so many times before that idk if i will actually pull through this time. the only thing different is that me and a good friend of mine, he is like a brother to me, we are trying to stop together. but now he is leaving for three weeks. Now idk what to do. i just want to be strong i am sick of feeling weak and not being in control of my life. i dont want the bad in my life to blind sight me or keep me from doing the things that i love. and even though i know all of this i still struggle to stop. i just want advice on how to stop for good, to be able to look back on what i have done and not regret it but rather learn from it and move forward. i just cant find the inner strength to do that. how do you build inner strength because i have no idea.