have you ever been in that mind state where all you want… all you need is to injure yourself. where you know it will help you feel better. help you feel anything. and you cant go with out it, you just cant. and then you end up wanting more.  and you can’t be done with injuring yet.  you may be ok right now, but once you get back into that mind state it starts all over,  and your stuck. you stop caring, you stop trying to stop, and you just go for it, you injure more. and nothing matters, not your self and not the people that say that they “care” when they cant possibly care if they dont know you. they dont know what you are capable of doing to yourself.  and if you told them, if you told them any of this,.. if they didnt know this mind state. they would be scared, they would stop talking to you, stop caring about you, if you cant care about yourself why would they care about you? or worse they might try to “Help” interfere with your own method of trying to stop. but as much as this is something we need to stop it is not anything anyone could possibly help us with, this is something we need to figure out on our own. this is something you need to want to stop in order to stop.  but we can do this. we can stop this. we just have to want it. we just have to NEED to stop. because no one deserves this. no one deserves to be in this mind state. no one at all.