i havent written here since like march..but i still have injured.  life has been so crazy. i kissed a guy for the first time, and that is supposed to be special but it was with some guy i just met and it was just a one time hookup..it was hard getting over it and dealing with it. so i injured. in may, my birthday monthh, i learned that MY best friend’s other friend’s birthday was 2 days after mine. so they were all busy doing stuff for her birthday and they forgot about me..i dont remember when but injured. i was so freaked out and crying..that was the last time i injured cuz i have been so scared. but today i was hanging out with my best friend and the other girl whose birthday is 2 days after mine. and i was feeling left out. and later we met up with other guys and i felt even more left out. no one was really talking to me. my supposed best friend didnt do anything..now i feel like injuring. not only for that but because i have been sexually harassed and stalked a lot lately and it is so annoying. creepy and scary. ive been injuring for over a year. been going to a phsyciatrist for over a year. and  been taking anti depressants since january. and i am still depressed.