so today is a new day. YAY! lol…um lets see. I havent injured in 8 days….before that it was 7 months, so it isnt too bad right? That’s what I keep telling myself- it makes me feel better i guess. Anyways, I found this site from I saw it after watching real world. After seeing that episode i was like whoa…publically showing an injurer…interesting. I knew that there was gonna be some sort of psa at the end so i watched the rest of it and saw the site…cool beans. I never really looked online about SI. I mean i knew that there were sites about it but i guess that for me it is something that i don’t like to broadcast that i never looked online for stuff aobut it.

The past couple of days have been SO good OMG! My boyfriend, who always seems to be busy has actually been talking to me lol. I know that that sounds really bad but you have to know him to understand….It is so good to know that we’re getting closer. I think of him as one of my best friends as well as a boyfriend. Ive never had that with the person that I was dating….its kinda weird lol. I’m reading P.S. I love you(again) and is understanding how Holly felt when she said that Gerry was her best friend. It just feels so good. I thought that things couldn’t get any better but it has lol. For a time there I thought that we weren’t gonna make it. We live in two different places and cities and our schedules are so different that our communication was off and I got into one of my moods. I injured last week because I thought that we werent gonna make it. I didn’t tell him until a couple of days ago and he flipped. I hadn’t injured the entire time that we were together until now. Somehow I made a promise to not SI….i don’t recall that at all. but anyways, i did it and I knowthat i officially scared him. I know that when I see him again he’s gonna want to see the scars…..idk what to say about that….i guess that im done rambling for now….laters