Anyone that is going through what I am, I hope you will leave me a comment and some words of wisdom for those of you past or going through self injuring. 

I am 44.  I was diagnosed with bi-polar, severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety in my early 20’s.  Although, I have fought depression for all these years since July of 2007 I have had 4 attempts, I have had 19 Electro-Convulsive Therapy (electric shock) treatments, and 12 hospitalizations.  I had managed to work full-time until my last attempt in August of 2008.  For the last 3 months I  started injuring.  When my family found out they had me committed to the hospital.  Upone entry, they counted multiple injuries.  I spent 17 days in the hospital and was just released last Monday.  The urge to SI was great but I refrained from it…until today. 

I have been on every medication available and it seems nothing helps with my depression and anxiety.  I take an anti-anxiety medication, while it helps some, not enough.

I guess I just need some guidence.  How do you control it, will the urge ever go away, is there help for someone like me?  Any comments would be appreciated!