Yesterday (thursday) my family was SUPPOSED to go get new phones and I was super excited for the two days before that looking at full keyboard phones and then Blackberry’s and I was just happy! Then all the sudden I wake up our old neighbor (six year old or somethin like that) is coming over to play with my younger sis. But that wasn’t the bad part suddenly I hear my mom fighting with a Bank of America employer about a credit card that they say my dad has but he doesn’t, fraud. So anyhow the day progresses there’s still a chance and I’m hoping that we go. But facts keep appearing my parents want to press charges, understandable, then I hear the mail is going to our Condo that we also share with my uncle, my mom’s younger brother. It’s like a weekend place we go to and he goes to relax and after a long night of partying I assume. Anyhow then they say that payments have been made for the past six months, not by us. My mom calls my uncle and she wants the lawyer’s number cause they want to sue my dad he says he’ll take care of but she’s like no let me whatever. The whole day I’m thinking and I hate myself for knowing it before I was told but it was quiet easy to see, it was my uncle. I haven’t seen in days if not a week and their not going to press charges but now I don’t know how to look at him. I can’t help but think if we had gone to the condo when the mail was laying around and found the letter we would have found out months ago! Now I just want to leave this whole place and move! We’re supposed to be and now this makes me want to move even more. I’m just in awe I mean we fight like brother and sister even though he’s twenty somethin years older than me and now I don’t know what to say to him or how to act. Even when his name is brought up I can’t believe that they can say it so easily even though he did this.