So I’ve been an SIer for about 1 year now.  I started out with smaller injuries. Anyway after that is quickly progressed. Sure it wasn’t an everyday thing but it went I kept increasing the injuries.  then it went down and then increased again.  But I have a lot of scars on my body. 

Any way I’m having a ton of trouble I’m at my usual high of 4 weeks. And now im getting my strong urges to do it again. Ive tried methods my therapist suggested  and i still want to do it..Its just hard cause i dont want to put my girlfriend through it and im trying to stop any tips or help

 ive never been hospitalized and ive thought about it alot trust me.  ive also been suicidal but that was about a week ago and now i have new meds and ive gotten that straightened out.   

 anything else you wanna know or if you want/need to talk my email is