NBC’s new series, “BREAKTHROUGH with TONY ROBBINS,” led by Tony Robbins and the producers of Extreme Makeover – Home Edition and The Biggest Loser, are asking Americans to nominate extraordinary teens who, because of a tragic event or debilitating set of circumstances, have turned to self harm.

Do you know a once straight-A student, star athlete, or active member of the community who has gotten off track? Do you know that they possess the ability to turn their life back around? Have divorce, stress, or relationship problems caused them to turn to self-injury?

After tragic events, overcoming emotional pain, debilitating fears and physical injury may feel impossible. Moving forward takes enormous courage and incredible support, coaching and attention. With the help of famed life strategist, Tony Robbins, a deserving teen and their family could get the chance to reshape their life. Nominate someone who’s ready to get help.

Tell us their story. Tell us your story.

E-mail name, contact information, location, and a few sentences about their/your struggles to: