ugh. this week i have a doctor’s appt. and i really don’t want to go. it’s my yearly checkup and last time my doctor asked if i’ve ever had thoughts of SI or suicide. at the time, i had only been SIing for a month or two so i lied and said no without even thinking about it. this time i’m afraid they’ll ask the same thing and i really don’t want to lie again but i also don’t want to hurt my parents and those who care about me. this is going to be tough.

do you guys think, because i haven’t SIed in 7 months, that i should just say no if the question comes up? i think i’m at the point that i can say i don’t SI anymore, but i still feel really guilty that i’ve hid it from my family and friends for over a year now. but where i’m at in my life, i think telling them now would just bring unnecessary pain and worry and stuff like that.

please share your opinions. i think i’m just making a big deal out of nothing.