Thursday night, I got in massive trouble for “lying” to my mom and sneeking an extra soda (this is how messed up my life is). So technically I’m grounded from the computer, but whatever. I was fine after, and resisted the temptation to SI. Well later that night my mom asked me to help her clean the basement. Well she got all mad at me because I kept saying “that’s not my fault” even though like a couple things were, but I didn’t want to get in more trouble. So she starts yelling at me, calling me this irresponsible kid, and telling me how I’m never going to have a future, and I’m going to basically fail everything I do. So I get pissed, and go up stairs. I take a shower and I SI. This is fine, whatever. But I end up doing more than I thought I would. It has never been like this before, and I don’t know what to do. It was HORRIBLE. Help…?