I recently was hospitalized for 8 days. Worst experience of my life. Most of the councilers lectured, one made fun of me for injuring, it was like prison, and they took everything away. All of my inpatient buds were cool, but still, it sucked. But there was one counciler… He said I was like an ostrich when it came to dealing with stuff. You see ostriches stick their heads in the sand when there hear trucks comming in Australia. They keep there heads in the ground untill they realize “Oh hey, it’s not going away I have to do something” They bring their heads up and BAMM!!! Their hit by a semi. And I realized I can’t just escape, I have to face it… The venrebility. Which sucks… But it’s written all over my face. And I also realized… Life is like a puzzle, and right now we only have one puzzle peice… We can’t just be like “Awww! I hate this puzzle it’s going to be nothing. It sucks.” We only have one peice… The next one wont be so blue. Just wait. I promise it’ll change.
One bad thing, I continue to dream of SIing. :/ And I did yesterday… Sigh. It’s just a part of me ya know?