hi. i have never blogged before, so here it goes.

i am a self injurer, and have been self injureing since October 2008. only some of my friends know about it and my parents recently found out. 

i don’t even remember why i started self injuring (i think it was cause i was pissed off at my parents). my friend has given me a challenge to complete and so far i havent even come close to finishing it. the challenge is to stop SI-ing for 31 days and after i comeplete that then for another 31 days and so on and so forth. i have restarted the challenge 5 or 6 different times and now im not even sure if i want to restart because everytime i slip its worse then before.

i dont have a therapist… yet. i told my parents that i want to see a therapist and they agreed to get me one, but i dont think they have even started looking for one.

i have a family reunion this summer and no one [besides my parents] knows i SI.   does anyone have any suggestions about what to do if someone notices my scars??