I started self injuring after my daddy died. IT affected me so bad. I dont know why either because he was always mean to me. He was abusive verbally and physically sometimes. He would tell me things like i am gunna hit you with a chair and that meade me insecure about myself. Both my mom and dad did drugs while i was a child so that affected me in a big way to because i didnt have parents growing up.

Well my sddiction started after my daddy died like i said before. i started when i was thirteen so i have been doing this for about two years.  My cousin introduced to me and i have been doing it ever since.  I want to stop but it is hard. Sometimes i dont even know if i wan to stop. I know i do but i can’t.  Back to my story, i have recentally been placed in an intensive out patient program. I think it is hekping but i cant come to reality about stopping. I know i need to stop befor i end up in a hospital somewhere. It had gotten real bad last June. I was self injuring often and was seeing my therapist three times a week  for a few weeks. It was the worst part of my life. I was in the darkest part of my life. Then i continued to self injure. then i stopped again and now i am back to self injuring.  I am currently working on it now in group therapy and having family sessions. So i hope it helps me stop. any feedback??