I don’t understand my therapist at all. Yesterday(Monday) I went in to review DBT homework with her. I gave her my DBT diary card which plainly said I self-harmed last week and showed I was feeling suicidal. All she did was go over the homework, then said if I need to call her or my psychiatrist don’t hesitate to call.
What I am concerned about is I usually need to talk to someone at night or late in the afternoon. How am I supposed to do this when both my doctors are away at night.
I refuse to talk to either of my parents because they don’t understand at all.
I am also afraid to go back to DBT because I am worried I won’t know the terms, won’t understand the homework, and won’t understand what is going on in the class.    So what do I do late at night when I feel like self-injurying.  I am not about to kill myself or anything so I don’t know who I can talk to or what I can do.  I am only going into my second week of DBT tomorrow so I only know one skill.