This is my first visit back to this site and my first writing since March 13th of this year. I found this site and started blogging on here then I purchased the book Bodily Harm. As you (readers) probably already know the second or part II of the book basically is the SAFE program. Thus I have gone through the SAFE program with my counselor whom is an Licensed Practicing Clinical Counselor (LPCC) also a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC). Since I was not at a SAFE hospital and my counselor put her own spin on the program. I started reading the book Bodily Harm on Dec. 26, 2008 (the day I bought the book) and I told my counselor about the program on January 13th, 2009. I have been self-injury free since January 31, 2009. We have worked through the program in the book and I have repositioned myself. I value my alternatives and my healthy coping skills. I just wanted to come back and say hey and let everyone know that I’m still around and still self-injury free and working hard at it. Thank you.