I just joined this site yesterday because I was feeling pretty down and had gone on the TWLOHA website to see if there were any links for sites like this.  As of today I have gone 30 days without SI and it feels great but its still really hard.  For me, one of the hardest parts about the process of stoping is the feeling that nobody understands me.  I go to a therapist once a week and we talk about why I SI and things like that but in the end I know that she will never really understand the way I feel and all she knows about SI is what she has been taught or read in a book.  I know other people who SI and sometimes I talk to them but I have a hard time talking face to face with others about my problem even if I know they have gone through the same thing.  That is why I thought this site would be good for me because I can express how I am feeling to other people who actually understand without the stress of a face to face conversation.

I sometimes feel like yelling at people and telling them they just don’t get it when they talk to me like they understand.  They could never know what its like for me to have to hide my scars and be embarrased by them but also feel like it would be easier not to hide.  They can’t understand that sometimes I need to be handeld carefully or else I might break and sometimes I just want people to treat me normally.  I was wondering if the other people on this site ever feel the same way and how they deal with it because right now feeling alone is what is making it harder to not SI.