Hey…I haven’t posted for a while on this blog. I recently relapsed after having 12 days of being SI free. It is too much for me now…I cannot afford to go back to SI anymore or I believe I will die!! It never gets better when I do it it always gets worse!! It is like I fool myself into thinking that things will be different the next time!! It never is…it’s all a lie!! I know today…that I want to recover from this!! I am reaching out in hopes that someone hears me!! I met someone recently where I live who SI’s as well and she is going to come to my self-injury group that I am starting here!!! I really hope that by passing on the tools and resources that I have…will not only help this person but me as well!! I totally believe that in order to keep what you have, even if it’s only a day…you have to give it away!!! Here’s hoping…..