Before about March or April, i loved to think of myself as a very happy person. And I was. I never had any feelings of depression. Depression was a feeling that i knew nothing about and I had never experienced it until recently. For the most part, I don’t even understand why I’m depressed half the time.  I had figured out though, that a lot of it does come from the depression of my friends, family, and others that I love. When one of my friends or a member of my family is not happy, it makes me extremely unhappy. I guess I am a people pleaser. It would be the best thing ever if I could just make everybody happy. I started injuring in April, and have had ups and downs with it along with my emotions. It has been almost 2 weeks since I last injured, and I am hoping to keep that record going as long as I can. The worst part about my depression is that I feel like should not be depressed at all. I live an awesome life, I have an amazing family, the most supportive and great friends a person can ever have, andoverall im very healthy and have a stable life. So what gives me the right to be depressed when everything is so good? My goal for myself is to find the true me again. The very happy person that felt alive. This is my first post because i just joined this helpline, and i was hoping to find some insight from other people who self abuse and find out a way to rescue myself. Please share your thoughts and stories with me. :]