im so mad right now. im tired, wore out, nd need a break. my parents found out that id been SIing. it was terrible. my mom just kept sceaming at me over nd over. ”why r u doing this! why r u you doing this to me! if your in this much pain just pack ur crap and move to your dads!!” i was so scared. i could move. i just kept apologizing, trying to get her to stop yelling. i told her id been trying to quit id just screwd up. she  held me down on the couch nd screamed ” look at this! look at your self!! it does look like your trying to effing quit!” i just cryd. i couldnt bear it. it was so gut wrenchingly terrifying. nothings been the same since. shes got me going to a therapist, shes constantly checking me. my whole family acts wierd around me. i just want every thing to be normal again. im so tired of putting on a fake smile so they can all feel like theyve done something great to help out the SIer. im tired of being the good deed of the day. i just want the pitty charade to end.