i don’t know how i feel about quitting self-injury. i have been injuring for 6 years now and it’s become a safety net for me through everything. i have been in therapy before but recently, i started going to a therapist that seems to really understand. i think? she recommended me to be on medication for depression and to get me to a psychiatrist immediately. im taking medication now and things seem to be blah. my mood swings aren’t as extreme. therefore, i haven’t been injuring because since starting the med, i haven’t had an extremely low point. through all of this changing, ive been lost. i want to get better, to be self-injury free. to be free from the secrets and pressure that comes along with self-injury. but at the same time, i can’t lose my identity that self-injury has brought me. i want to stop taking the medicine so i can have the feeling to SI and be real. noone really seems to understand this because they want to see me get better. and even though my therapist is helping, she agrees with everyone else. my friends would also be on that same side. it’s so hard because none of my friends understand the pain of self-jury, making it hard to talk to them about it. i just need someone to talk to. im hoping someone here understands and is willing to share. email me anytime at kkay479@yahoo.com. thankyou=)