it was a crazy nightt, i had so many up and downs with being happy and being sad. i dont know what the heck was going on with mee… i was just not myselff.. i havent been for a while now.. well lets say two weeks? yeahh. last night i SI, and i was talking to one of my friends about it and if i really think about it, whats the point in hurting myself? i cant keep making up excuses.. like, “im not good enoughh, im a horrible person.”  and this and thatt.. because i am good enoughh and i am a good person, im not mean.. i care for pretty much anyonee.. and im always there for people when they need me. so i cant keep telling myself other wise. ahh todayy i feel greattt and happpy. isnt that weird? how after you have such a horrible night of crying and the next you just feel amazing? it use to happen all the timee. but not this greatt! (: im trying to have a really good day today, think positive and be happy for me.. not some stupid boy (coughh, the boy i like) is going to ruin itt. its my lifeee. and im going to live it to  the fulllestt. weather he likes me or nott.. hes not going to ruin my day, it started off good, and im going to make it end good(: