yesterday was the biggest step i have made in getting over my ex. In my last entry i talked about how i was sitting on my bed with all of his stuff crying and all thattt. well, yesterday i had some of my closet friends overr, got all of his stuff outt.. and started ripping it apart. The build a bear was the first thing i tore up, but it took me a second.. i looked at it and stared.. then started crying, and told myself i need to do thiss.. so i started tearing and ripping and i grabbed the heart that i made all my wishes on and i tore it in half.. it was extremely hard! but i did it.  then i toook all the pictures he gave me.. and i got rid of those as well.. then it followed with the other stuffed anmials.  i was crying the whole time.. but it meant so much to me that some of my closet friends were there to suport me while i was making a huge step in my life. the only problem is.. i stil have the neckalce he got my from tiffanys. should i get rid of it? or should i hold on to it? idk what to do. and now today im regretting doing what i did, sooo soo much! i mean i know it was good for me.. but i love him.. and tearing all his stuff up and not having a trace of him in my house but his neckalce and memories is so scary! im trying to tell myself that it was the right choice.. and itll only make me stronger and alot easier to get over him.. but i dkk. oh yeahh! i forgot i have all his journals that we wrote in to eachotherr.. i dont want to get rid of those, or the neckalce.. but if i dont.. then all i did yesterday was for nothing.. and that was really hard for me.. so i think i need to. ahhh. ): the questions i have though.. is should i get rid of EVERYTHING!? and at leasst keep the necklace? and should i regrett doing what i did/ going to do.