Ok so last night I couldnt stop myself from SIing, so after words i was so upset that I SId that i wrote some poems and here they are!! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!

oh and the last 2 r about my dad                                         “If you…”

If you love me, let me die

If you want me here, let me cry

If you love me, leave me be

If you love me, let me die peacefully

                                                                                                  “Lady Death has come”

In the dark I see her standing there

I can see her, yet I don’t care

She has come to get me in my sleep

But she is someone who shall make me weep

Well now it is I, who must take a bow

For I have avoided you now

But I don’t know how

But here you find me

Looking as if I am wishing for death

you watch me

I hear your breath

Again I shall avoid you for now

Lady Death

“My Love is Gone”

You see me leave

yet you dont say stay

you watch me walk but you dont say dont go away

i may cry

i may die

but you wouldnt care

not even if your standing there

My true love; now gone


You see my scars

You look at me as if I am from mars

You dont ask ehy they are there

You  dont even care

You dont know why

You have made me cry

But I do

“Your Fault”

I sit and stare

Yet you have never been there

I know you dont care

Your not concerned with me, but over there

You dont love me

Only the people you pretend are my family

You’ve ruined my life

But the only person your concerned about is your new wife

You may not love me anymore

For they have taken my place

But I still Love you, I just won’t say it to your face