Ok so umm.. I’ve never written one of these before. No lie about an hour ago I was sitting in my room injuring.  Well in my fit I ran into my half brother who is 7 and of course he noticed my injury.  I lied told him i hit a corner he went back to sleep. Due to the fact that I lied to my brother got me wondering how my life came to this of course I know the reason, but I decided I need some form of change. I have gotten to the point where I injure in multiple ways everyday.  My brother came in a little later and was crying saying he was worried about me.. I have had the same nightmare since I was 9 I have it everynight and that was a good 6 years ago. I don’t want to be the cause of my brothers nightmares. I can’t so I decided I would blog. :p I have tried to quit before but I somehow ended up in the same stuff only 5 times worse this time. I’m not even sure what i’m hoping will come from this. What is even worse I think is that I promised my best friend who i turn to for everything that I wouldn’t SI and I have multiple times since that and I promised her that on on Sunday. I didn’t even think twice on how that might hurt her until after I SI, then i feel so bad that i SI more. Well i’m going to go.