In my head i truly know that SI does not help anything at all. If anything it only makes things worse.. at least in my position. I’ve recently just started self harming again about two weeks ago.. and its only getting worse.. and it was because of the lonely feelings i had and wanting to escape from everything because i didnt feel like i belong anywhere on this earth.. but now its turning in to doing it to get people to notice me. I didnt think i would be back in this situation again.. but looky here. i am. I guess since i’ve felt so alone lately i like the feeling of people acutally worrying about me and stuff. Like i would tell me friends im going to go inside, and they’ll ask why. ( they know i self harm btw.) and ill smile and say.. because. and they automatically know what im going to do. and they do everything in there power to try and get me to stay outside.. and they give me all this attention.. and list all the reasons why i shouldnt do it. I love it, absolutely love it. i know, i know.. its a horrible way of trying to get people to care.. and to notice me.. but right now that seems to be the only way to get people to acknowledge me. i hate it.. but i cant stop myself.. i love the attention and care from people.. uhgg what should i do? im falling apartt!!