I’m not sure what to say right now but think that I need to say something.  I am SAFE alumni and I went awhile ago in Chicago.  I have gone years without SIing and don’t find it a part of my life anymore.  The hard part was to change my lifestyle to not injure.  One thing I did and still do when I get any urges is to do an impulse log.  It may not seem like they help but in the long run they do.  At least for me they did.  I can only speak for me.

I read where someone is going to start DBT.  DBT changed my life to the point that I have only one therapy appointment left and after 23 years of therapy I’m done.  They laugh and call me the DBT poster child where I go for therapy because  a long time ago I had a psychiatrist throw statistics at me and say that I would not live til I was 30 because of my SI.  Well guess what….I’m 43 and still going.  I try to tell myself that it is what it is.  I cannot change my past.  For years I tried to change where I was at, but today I can accept it.  I may not like it, but can I really do anything about what has happened.

I see that there is a lot of young people posting and still living at home.  You want to know what to do to stop but you have to want to really stop.  You need a new best friend and that friend can be you.  Coming up with stories and all that on why you injure can be very draining and especially if you are injuring on a daily basis like I used to.  I want to say just quit, but I know it does not work quite like that.  You need tools and they are around.  Read the book Bodily Harm.  The second half where all the treatment stuff is.  Do your impulse logs and all the other assignments in the book.  Be honest with your T, that is very important.  You need to be able to trust someone and we, or I should say I, got burned many times but I still needed to go on.

I hope that I shared a little hope.  I wish that I could give away some of the recovery that I have because it’s actually wonderful.  I finally made it past the issues by letting go I think.  I’m not drained all the time anymore.  I like who I have become.

I know I have permission from Wendy and Karen to mention that I have a yahoogroup, it’s actually on the list of sites we like, it’s called NoFEAR-SAFE_Approved.  I have taken what I learned from SAFE and have their support that is why the Approved is in the name because I use materials I learned from there.  We are an excellent support group if you want the recovery.  If you don’t know for sure what you want it’s still an ok place to be.  Many people in the group are there to help and just talk with you.  We do a lot of  instant messenging through Yahoo IM and it seems to be a great help to those that need it.  If you want to take a look than come on in and see what kind of recovery and suggestions are around.

Thanks Wendy and Karen for helping me get my life in order.  I know it wasn’t always easy dealing with me but you know where I’m at today and I have come a long ways eh.

I wish everyone a great day and many more to come.