Alright, so today as everyone knows is Father’s Day.  For my family we all get together, my grandparents and uncle and aunt, and I realized what a corageous and honorable man my uncle is today.  He has been through SO MUCH, and deserves hardly any of it, but he still somehow has a sense of humor.

Ever since he was in his teens, he struggled with a drinking problem.  It has continued until he was in his late 40’s (he is 51 now), and he has had 2 or 3 incidents where he had to be hospitalized from withdrawel and almost died during those times.  So now he is finally done drinking alcohol, which is GREAT, I was so proud of him for quitting.  However, after his recent withdrawel incident, he has severe nerve damage in his feet and possibly in his brain.  But then a whole other issue started when he caught the flu.  He was sick for quite a while, for 2 or 3 weeks with a 104-105 fever.  One day, he woke up, and he was completely deaf.  He couldn’t hear anything.  He went to the doctor and they told him he lost his hearing (no duh), but they couldn’t explain how or why.  After a week or so, the hearing became a bit better, and he had lost 15 pounds overall from the flu.  The doctors decided to put him on steroids, in hopes to get some hearing back, and he has gained 25 pounds from the meds.  When he walked into the door today, I honestly did not recognize him.  He had swollen puffy cheeks and was hardly the uncle I knew, from looking at him. 

But even through all the crap he’s faced in his life, somehow, he still is optimistic and cracks jokes and smiles.  I just wana say my uncle is a great guy, and I’ve learned today that THIS is why I’m proud to have him as my godfather.  I figure, if he can still enjoy life, then I sure as heck should do the same as him, causes he has been through WAY more than myself.  My birthday is tomorrow; I’ll be turning 15.  I decided I’m going to make a promise to myself to live my life like my uncle: happily and with humor.  I hope you all try to do the same.  Stay strong, and have faith everyone.