So, I am still doing well. I haven’t used or drank in 100 days. Also, I am still on track with no SIing. It is not as easy though!!! I’m so afraid I’m going to give in. I pray everytime I want to, it gets me through, but my addiction is all around me, I feel like its planning a sneak attack! I know what will happen to me if I do it again, I am not ready to go yet. I am really fighting!!! Therapy tomorrow though and meetings all weekend, however, sometimes I don’t think I am fully understood at NA. I know they unnderstand my drug and alcohol problem, but I’m not sure anyone full understands this. Prayer is saving me right now. Hope all is well with everyone!!! You are all always in my thoughts and prayers! Keep your heads up high, together we can beat this, or atleast resist it!!! 🙂