I dont know if i can ever stop.  I know i want to.. i mean its not right to feel like this but i do. Im a dancer and scares are impossible to hide. I also switched schools a while back and lost most of my friends, the people who where holding me together. Now no one knows i SI here and im to scared to tell them, or anyone. I feel like im doing everything wrong and im worthless. How could anyone ever want me like this. I think about running away all the time. I want to hide. My mum isnt supportive of me now so how could i ever tell her(my father is gone). I just want someone to hold me so tight i dont have to think..think about life , mistakes , or anythin. HELP.  When i look at myself in a mirror feel disgusted and other times i dont kno who im lookin at.  I’v become some what anorexic and i dont kno how to stop that either. WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF. I am such a sad excuse for a person and im wasting the life that i have. what should i do. i havent SI in 8 days but i havent eatin in 3 of them…please help me. i cant hold it together much longer.what should i do??