Okay. I have been “si” for the past 2 years. Some days are better than otheres. It’s not like I “si” every day or anything. It’s only when I’m really hurting or somehing like that. Abouot a month ago now  I si’d worse than usual. Everyone can see that injury. I wasn’t thinking when I did it because I have been “clean” for about a month before that. My dad knows about it and works with kids like that everyday. They had me on medication for it for about a year at first then I told then that I was okay so they they took me off of it. Now a year and a half later I’m back to my old habits. Everyday is a litttle but harder than the last and I told my dad that I needed halp. My friends know too. My best friend told me that I was craz because I told her that I didn’t feel it at all when I did it. I don’t feel crazy. I just feel out of control and I want help, but I metioned it to my dad he said that he was going to do something, but he hasn’t. I dont want to be the girl at school known for injuring herself again. I won’t do that again. I have no idea what I’m suppose to do right now. I wish I could say more but I have to do my English (since I am in English eeeeeeek). Please email me if you have any idea what I should do because I am so lost!      deezbex12@yahoo.com

~Becca Anne~