today, i feel on top of the world! last night i graduated (from 8th grade, not that big of a deal) and i just feel so amazing! i am really sad that i won’t be able to see some of my old classmates that i have grown to love, but i am also happy that i get to leave behind some of my many demons. i was a victim of verbal bullying, but that is over now.

there is this one quote by gerard way of my chemical romance that i really like. their music helps me so much through this journey because a lot of it has a message of hope, especially “headfirst for halos” and “famous last words”. the quote is:

“sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.”

well, i think i’ve finally done it completely. i’ve been dying on the inside for a year and i’ve finally taken that last breath. i can finally begin to rise again.

and you know what, anyone can rise up. SI doesn’t control us unless we let it control us. i am ready to leave the past behind and i encourage you to also. it is very hard to forget past mistakes or pain, but it is possible.

never forget, if you choose to believe in God, that God is always ready to help you. even if you turn away from Him and give up on Him, He is still waiting in the wings.

please keep hope and don’t give up.

much love to everyone!