I am a former patient of SAFE.  I was a patient from Mid October until Mid November.  Recently I had been in a mental health program and due to some circumstances which were not my fault and my fault.  I don’t have a clean slate of no self-injury anymore lets just say, I had to move back home in with my parents.  This is hard on me because my parents don’t understand about self-injury and why I get the urges so many times a week.  They think I do it to feel better or to relieve myself of stress.   I guess I am asking for some ideas on what to tell my parents or other people when they ask me why I self-injure.  My therapist always asks me if I did and then asks me why.  I am starting DBT in a few weeks so I could use some hints or suggestions on what to do in the meantime so my urges don’t get the best of me.